Monday, May 29, 2017

     I am asking Coloradoans to stand tall because I know we can do better than partisan bickering at the expense of genuine solutions.  I stand for the economic justice of a balanced government which will support a healthy economy, healthy citizens, and a healthy environment.  Like the legs of a three-legged stool, I understand that the stability of our society relies on achieving this delicate balance.  I stand for the peace, prosperity, and happiness which stem from a limited government coupled with the virtues of a free-enterprise system.

     I understand that the first order of business is to reduce the unnecessary bureaucratic friction, which is dragging down our economic advancement and leaving precious little for our local public support systems.  I stand for promoting the fair and equal opportunity for all Coloradoans to succeed under the economic justice of balanced government.  I think it is a shame that many people work in America simply for a paycheck and not to pursue a dream.  I think the most noble cause on earth is promoting the freedom to pursue our dreams.  I am committed to this cause on behalf of my children and those I am seeking to represent.

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